Get Round One Done!

“If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing poorly.” ~Adam Urbanski

Especially, I might add, a first draft. The first draft of your story does not, nor really does it need to be, perfect. On the contrary, some of my absolute best pieces went through so many rounds of editing that you can’t tell that the first draft was even the same story! So stop trying to be a perfectionist. The perfecting rounds (i.e. edit, revise, edit, revise, rewrite, ad nauseum) are for your editor to help you with. The first round, is just for you to empty your mind of your story onto the page.

May I just add, if it’s worthy doing poorly, then it’s also worth all the extra, long hours you’ll spend revising, editing, crying over your manuscript (Okay, maybe not crying, unless you’re like me.), and polishing it off. There are two parts of writing that are the hardest: 1) beginning — because you want so much for your story to be everything you imagine it to be, and 2) revising — because it takes the most amount of effort, thought, and work to polish a story (That’s why hiring an editor is so helpful!).

So if you’re still sitting around with your story in your head then it’s time to vomit those words up and at least get them out there! You can change them later, but for now, just put them down and get round one done.

As an editor, the only thing I can help you do to get round one done is to encourage you, push you, and constantly remind you that you need to write it down. However, as a writer, I can actually help you write your story, either as a coach, ghostwriter, or coauthor. If you’re having trouble getting your story down because you need help writing it, then contact me to work out a personalized solution for you (suggested subject line: ghostwriter, writer coaching, coauthor).

And just one last maybe-not-so-friendly reminder… Just get it done!

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