Art of the Written Word’s Agreement to You

This site, Art of the Written Word, is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

The gist of these agreements is that we all agree to be nice, amiable, grown ups. But, as it must be said…

  • We reserve the right to delete, edit, and ban any user comments or users who do not follow the user agreement.
  • We will do our best to keep the site free from any adult, gambling content, and any derogatory or slanderous comments or content, but can’t make any 100% guarantees. (If you find any content that meets this criteria on our site please report it.
  • If any content, brought to our attention, is considered to be adult, gambling, derogatory, slanderous, or a violation of the privacy policy or either the user or Art of the Written Word’s agreement, then it will be removed or edited so that it is in agreement with the agreements.
  • We cannot make any guarantees regarding your success nor your entertainment.
  • We will not take any legal action against you AS LONG AS you abide by the user agreement.
  • We promise to abide by our agreement.
  • We may update the user & Art of the Written Word agreement as we see fit to best protect the users’ and our constitutional & human rights.

Art of the Written Word’s soul purpose is to see you, the user, succeed in your endeavors through its products and services. As such, Art of the Written Word promises to honor product descriptions and will do anything they can, within reason, regarding products specifically bought by or for you, the user, to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We cannot, therefore, honor customer desires regarding products and services not purchased by or for you, the user. (For instance, if Joe were to buy light proofreading–which deals strictly with punctuation and light sentence structure reconfiguration–he cannot rightly expect to receive heavy editing–which is much, MUCH, more work and time-consuming for an editor.)

Also, we promise, to the best of our knowledge, to provide factual information(where facts are involved), useful knowledge (knowledge you can apply to your writing business or hobby), and our best opinion (when it depends on the situation what will be best for you, the user) for you, the user, to write, edit, market, publish, and promote your work, knowing that in the end, you, the user, have sole-responsibility for your life and your results.

We cannot guarantee your success. Ultimately your success is up to you. We only wish to help you have the best results possible. The information provided to you, the user, is thus educational only, and we wish it will help you in your endeavors, but whatever you, the user, decide to do with the information you, the user, have taken from our site, services, and products, you–the user–are free to do, and as such, are free to choose whatever path you decide. Thus we respect your right to do so, without fear of retaliation, because you acknowledge your sole-responsibility for your own life, actions, and results.

100% Satisfaction!

We do want you to be 100% satisfied, so if you have a problem with any product or service then please contact us and we will do everything we can within reason to solve any issue regarding specific products bought by you to your satisfaction.

Privacy Policy!

We hate spam too! We promise to never share your information with anyone ever! Your information is used only AS YOU HAVE AGREED to let us use it. (For instance, if you have signed up for the Art of the Written Word Newsletter, we may send you said newsletter using the information you have provided us.)

Missed Anything?

If you feel there is anything missing or that needs updating on the user or Art of the Written Word’s agreement, please contact us and let us know. Thanks!

User agreement